What do we really know about young people?


In 2013 over one thousand young people in Slovakia were asked to answer nearly 150 questions about their lives, hobbies, preferences, fears and many more. This data set, available on Kaggle platform, turns out to be the perfect source of information about young people, just waiting there for deeper analysis. And guess what, I found it interesting too!

Movie preferences

My analysis of movie preferences was technically speaking, hypothesis testing. Respondents were asked 12 questions, starting with “do you enjoy watching movies?” and then going through most popular movie types with the same question: “how much do you like/dislike certain type”, with 5 — meaning enjoy very much and 1 — don’t enjoy at all.

[Fig 1] Movie preferences among young people
[Fig 2] Differences between men and women movie preferences

Correlation analysis

This survey provided a huge dataset, it might be difficult to get an idea how to search for some patterns or dependencies. Probably a good idea is to check if the data is somehow correlated? I’m not a sociologist, honestly, I have no idea which categories could potentially correlate. But I made a decision to take a closer look at two groups that I found fascinating.


In this article I took a closer look at some interesting aspects, while analyzing young people survey, which are:
* movie preferences
* correlation between demographic data and spending habits
* correlation between healthy habits and fears